Breath Builder & Breathing Bag(2)

breath builder

Flute players should learn how to control the breathing such as: quick inhalation, sustention, and control exhalation. Avoid upward motion of the chest, arms or shoulders. Various tools are available to help develop flute breath control like the breathing bag and breath builder.

Breathing Bag:

Play a phrase into the bag, watching your breath fill the bag. Then suck the air back from the bag and play or sing the phrase, duplicating the feeling of the release of your breath into the bag. Use of the bag to teach ourselves to inhale quickly and deeply or in a particular rhythm is a helpful learning tool .

Breath Builder:

The Breath Builder is also a self-teaching device. Its primary lesson is the effortless, complete exchange of air at either end of the breath, without any holding or physical tension. It is a visual aid for learning the concept of breath support and also aids improvement of breathing efficiency and of lung capacity. If the blowing is steady and the breath exchanges well, the ping pong ball will stay at the top of the plastic cylinder.

In addition, the logical place for breathing are phrasing ending, after long notes, after sequential groupings, and sometimes between large skips. Long tone exercises and slur scales will help develop control of exhalation.

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