My new flute arrived!

New Flute

My new flute arrived this Wednesday!  It’s a Brannen Brothers Orchestral model flute, with a 14k gold body, sterling silver mechanism, and a 14K gold Lafin headjoint. The orchestra model already includes the split E machanism, C# trill, and the half closing thumb key. So it’s very nice that you don’t need to add other options.

The Orchestral model flute looks different from a regular flute in a few ways. The left hand keys are closed, but the right hand keys are open hole. However, this combination keeps the flute really well in tune while also giving a quick attack & response. Also, the Lafin headjoint is my favorite headjoint it gives the flute a sweet sound, and it’s much easier to make a soft tone.

It’s my first time having a golden flute, so there’s some learning involved. The golden flute is a little heavier. However, this flute definitely can make different colors, a lively tone, and good projection. One thing to be careful of is that gold is more fragile, and easily scratched than silver, so you need to remove any rings and jewelry before handling the flute. And so buying insurance is extremely important! I would highly recommend insurance by Clarion Associates. They offer a discount if you are a member of the National Flute Association, and the annual premium is very reasonable.

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